Summer Suggestions: Memoir Turned Graphic Novel

Illustrations and narrative: the perfect reading combo beside the pool or under a shade tree during the lazy days of summer. We enjoyed them when we were kids (who doesn’t still love Dr. Seuss?), and the graphic novel is the… Continue Reading

Another Cacophonous Summer

It’s not often I pick up a book of poetry and discover it’s a page-turner; poetry is enlivening, strange, wild, challenging, and often beautiful, but it doesn’t always compel me to move from one page to the next the way… Continue Reading

The Summer To-Do List

We all – at least those of us currently entrenched in academia – have one. The long, idealistic, and extremely optimistic list of all the things we’re going to accomplish over summer “break.” Some of us may just have bullet… Continue Reading

What We’re Reading

It is now July. Because summer began for the staff of BMR in early May, July marks the last month of freedom from the restrictions of school, teaching, running a literary journal, etc. (In New Mexico it also marks hellishly… Continue Reading