The Top Five Dogs for Poets

5. Irish wolfhound

Because you need a dance partner when you go to all your friends’ weddings and you’re still single and looking for a job. Besides, you also need someone to carry your owl if and when you’re actually dancing with other humans, or when you’re not at Hogwarts.

4. French bulldog

Because the expression on their faces will always seem to say to you: “Why aren’t you writing more?”

3. Bull Mastiff

Because you’re a poet and let’s face it, you can’t fight. You need a man-eater, and I’m not talking about a song by Hall and Oates.

2. Falkor from The NeverEnding Story

He’s supposed to be a luck dragon, but seriously, he’s a giant flying dog. And you need him. For your poetry.

1. Cats.

Because you’re a poet and let’s face it, you live at home with your cat(s).