Our 2014 Summer Contest is Open!

  Today is the big day! June 1st – the opening of Blue Mesa Review’s Annual Writing Contest. Submit your best fiction and poetry all the way through August 31st. For more details, see the contest portion of our website.… Continue Reading

Crawling Out of the Deep Pit of Despair that is Writing a Novel

Someone once told me that if you can write 70 pages of a novel you will finish it. I was on page 140 when I came very close to burning the entire thing. Sometimes writing workshops can be powerfully motivating,… Continue Reading

A List of Acceptable Distractions from Writing

Summer has hit Albuquerque and it feels like a punch in the stomach. The weather reads 99 degrees today, 100 degrees tomorrow, 101 degrees on Friday. You’ll most likely find me lying face down in my “home office” located in… Continue Reading