Ruben, Like the Sandwich

Cyrus Stuvland, BMR’s new Creative Non-Fiction Editor, introduces our new Fiction Editor, Ruben Miranda-Juarez   I first met Ruben on Zoom last fall in a class about teaching writing. He consistently said things that made me wish I’d had him… Continue Reading

Dressed Up & Going Nowhere: What I Learned About Clothes and Writing During the Pandemic

When I started this blog initially, I wanted to have words with people who claimed poets dressed better than fiction writers, only because I felt shaded by it. Some astrologically inclined people might say it is because I’m a Scorpio, and… Continue Reading

Literary Confessions

      Let’s face it; if you’re reading the BMR blog, odds are you are a person with a literary bent. A writer. An editor. Someone who reads obscure, thought-provoking literature. Unless you are here by mistake, in which… Continue Reading