Our Favorite Love Lit

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ben Dolan, Editor-in-Chief

Romantic Moment

By Tony Hoagland

After the nature documentary we walk down,

into the plaza of art galleries and high end clothing stores


where the mock orange is fragrant in the summer night

and the smooth adobe walls glow fleshlike in the dark.



Christina Glessner, Managing Editor


Jill Dehnert, Associate Editor

Lovey-est line: “She learns all the varieties of his darkness.”


Lucy Burns, Poetry Editor


Michael Noltemeyer, Fiction Editor

John Steinbeck’s letter on Falling in Love.


Diana Filar, Graduate Reader

“In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried” (for great friendship love.)


Melisa Garcia, Graduate Reader

A un Desconocido

By Lorna Dee Cervantes

I was looking for your hair,

black as old lava on an island

of white coral. I dreamed it

deserted you and came for me,

wrapped me in its funeral ribbons

and tied me a bow of salt.



Brenna Gomez, Graduate Reader

The Year I Learned Everything” by Roxane Gay