Top 5 White Male Authors, Selected by a White Male Author

In case you missed leading white male publication, Esquire’s, comprehensive history of the white male author (originally titled “The Greatest Books Ever Written”), Blue Mesa Review brings you a re-boot. These authors are venerated in academia and literary circles alike… Continue Reading

The New Classics: Reevaluating Required Reading

High school and college students across America are haunted by certain novel titles like Huck Finn, The Scarlet Letter, and 1984. It’s high time to reconsider our “essentials,” and recognize the wide expanse of literature that goes unnoticed in our… Continue Reading

A Baby’s Five Favorite Literary Works

1. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy “And why are children born to such men as you?” –Anna Pavlona I say this to my dad whenever he tells me something I don’t like to hear, like “Hey, stop putting non-food items… Continue Reading

The Summer To-Do List

We all – at least those of us currently entrenched in academia – have one. The long, idealistic, and extremely optimistic list of all the things we’re going to accomplish over summer “break.” Some of us may just have bullet… Continue Reading