I’ve personally gone through a lot of transitions this year—moving to a new house and looking to move out of it again, starting testosterone, defensing a dissertation and graduating during a pandemic, on top of all the grading, lesson planning, and reading that normally accompanies graduate school. I know each of my colleagues has experienced similar strains and stressors. But change is a force we become familiar with as editors, and today, we’re excited to point that energy in a promising new direction.

Blue Mesa Review has elected a new editorial board for 2020-2021, and I am proud to present our new editors:

Mario Montoya—Editor in Chief
Mikaela Osler—Nonfiction Editor
Rhea Ramakrishnan—Poetry Editor
Jennifer Tubbs—Fiction Editor
Lisa D. Chavez—Faculty Advisor and Blue Mesa Review Reading Team Leader

During the next few months, you will see blogs from BMR’s new editorial staff detailing their interests, their passions, and their goals as editors and writers and humans. I am honored to pass the baton to our new board, who will continue our vision for community and creativity from this year into the next and beyond. Thanks to our present and past editors, our founder and our faculty advisors for making the 30th anniversary issues not only possible, but consistently breathtaking and inspirational.

And here’s to another thirty years of Blue Mesa Review.



Tori Cárdenas