Blue Mesa Review to Begin Paying Contributors

To continue Blue Mesa Review’s commitment to supporting the literary community, the magazine will start paying contributors beginning with the Spring 2017 issue. Previously, the magazine’s contributor payments were limited to the annual summer contest winners. Regular contributors should expect to receive $25 per published piece in an issue. We are hopeful that the payment amount will increase with subsequent issues. This change will take effect at the beginning of our general submission period, which runs from September 30th through March 31st.

To help facilitate the funding for our contributors, the magazine will be implementing a small increase to our existing expedited submission fee from $3.00 to $5.00. All revenue generated from the expedited submission process will be dedicated to paying contributors and will not be allocated for day-to-day operations. Please note, all general, non-expedited submissions will remain free of charge.

By choosing the expedited submission, the writer is guaranteed their work will be read by the appropriate genre editor and will  receive a response within 30 days. The reading period for general submissions is typically three to six months.

“We’re excited about paying contributors. We’ve been working on a plan to do so for the last two years. As writers and poets ourselves, the BMR board recognizes the hard work that goes into preparing and seeking out publication. And so we wanted to compensate our contributors for that hard work.”

– Aaron and Jason, Co-Editors-in-Chief

Blue Mesa Review is affiliated with the University of New Mexico and was founded by Rudolfo A. Anaya, 2015 National Humanities Medalist. More information, including the BMR blog and submission guidelines, can be found at



Aaron Reeder