Move Aside, NYC. The 505 is Your New Short Story City.

By Alice Yang   Dear New York Publishers, Out here in the West, we continue to consume short stories set in New York, chronicling the melodrama of humanity against the all too familiar backdrop of skyscrapers, subways, and large bodies… Continue Reading

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The Summer To-Do List

We all – at least those of us currently entrenched in academia – have one. The long, idealistic, and extremely optimistic list of all the things we’re going to accomplish over summer “break.” Some of us may just have bullet… Continue Reading

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Read This: Texas Monthly

“What magazines do you read?” one professor asked a group of us in my first year as an MFA student. People spoke up quickly. The New Yorker. The Atlantic. The New York Times Magazine. Harper’s. A smattering of literary journals.… Continue Reading

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